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People over politics/Political Sustainability

We must put the best interest of the community first.  We must emphasize the importance of the community in the functioning of our political life.  We must end the current political theater and partisan rancor at city council.  We must work together for a fair and just community that appreciates and values each individual and their particular contribution to our community.  We need to all be rowing in the same direction for the betterment of all in our community.

Business and Economic Sustainability

Foster increased vitality and activity in the core downtown by encouraging tourism by way of converting Main from 2nd Ave to 9th Ave to a Pedestrian Mall-A Spanish Plaza and developing a River Walk along portions of the Saint Vrain River.  Licensing and taxing the sale of cannabis within the city limits to further boost the business sector leading to additional city revenues to help fund city initiatives.

Essential to the quality of live depends on a thriving local economySuccessful local businesses provide the means for a good quality of life-from great schools to jobs that offer livable wages and opportunities for advancement, to affordable housing, great parks and open-space to the police and firefighters who keep us safe.  We must maintain a positive and healthy business environment to ensure a thriving local economy by supporting and encouraging small and local business.

Transportation Sustainability

Create a comprehensive Master Transit Plan.  It would include a continuation of Airport Road passed 17th Ave north around Lake Macintosh-a by-pass through the city.  This would result in a re-location of Highway 287 for those choosing to go north but not to the city. With the build-out of the pedestrian Spanish Mall Kimbark and Coffman streets could be north south only streets respectively.  Multi-modal lanes for bikes and pedestrians can then be added.  This plan will result in the construction of the long-awaited Parking Garages downtown in the current surface lots.

Environmental and Quality of Life Sustainability

I Support Major Quality of Life Enhancements and Improvements to our community to preserve and protect our community and its environment .  We need to insure our community is healthy and safe from unsound practices like fracking & oil extraction within the city limits, and the use of toxic chemicals and cancer-causing agents.  We need to be notified when spraying for mosquitoes takes place.  This notification can be accomplished through a reverse 911 process.  We must maintain and add-to our Park and Open Space investments.  Thoughtful planning needs to take place in terms of any future development of the River and its areas of influence.

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Establish a Major Housing fund, to deal with the availability and affordable housing of all types.  First time-buyer programs, affordable rents, and alternatives for the homeless-such as mini-housing and group living initiatives.  Thoughtful planning to insure an adequate supply of building sites exist within the community to help insure affordability.


watch ron speak

Channel 9 News, "In Longmont, you only need to move your RV an inch to be in a new spot" 08/07/17

Ron speaks at 1:00

Longmont City Council Regular Session for 080817

Ron speaks at 38:40 and 4:04:53

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