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Meet ron

Ron Gallegos is a native of the San Luis Valley. He is a member of one of Colorado’s first pioneering Spanish families arriving and establishing an initial outpost in the San Luis Valley around 1830 in what is now village of Conejos in Conejos County. His family has been sheep and cattle ranchers in this area for over 180 years and back another two hundred years earlier in what is modern day New Mexico. He attended the University of Colorado at Boulder (where he met his future wife Diane Goldenstein- a Longmont attorney), Dartmouth College, and the University of Phoenix.  His studies included political science and business administration. He has one son Philip and four dogs all Shih Tzus. Ron was employed by U S West formerly Mt. States Telephone and Telegraph, for over 18 years as a product , process, and project manager. He is currently a Financial Consultant with his own firm, owns a new art gallery Conejos Fine Art Gallery and is an Abstract-non-representational artist.


Abstract-Non Representational Artist

President of Longmont Artist's Guild

Board of Directors ofthe Longmont Jazz Association

Board of Directors Longmont Artist Guild and Secretary

1998 -1999
Board of Directors National League of Cities- Washington DC

Board of Directors of the Latin America Research and Service Agency of Colorado Larasa
A nonprofit organization created in 1964 to improve the social, economic, political and educational status of Colorado's Latino community.

Delegate to the Sister Cities International Convention Boston Member of longmont City Council

Elected for a Four Year Term to the Longmont City Council - Member from Ward 3

1995 - 1998
Member of the National League of Cities-
NLC's Finance Administration and Intergovernmental Relations Policy Committee

1995- 1999
Board of Directors of the National Organization of Hispanic Elected Local Officials - HELO
A national organization made up of locally elected officials from throughout the United States.

1993- 1994
The Longmont Journal Television Talent and Producer
Produced/wrote/hosted a local Television community access community affairs- cable-television program.

President of the Board of Directors of the Shores home Owners' Association

Board of Directors the Shores Homeowners' Association Longmont, Colorado

1991 - 1993
Chairman of Longmont Neighborhood Group Leaders
Leader of twenty - one organized neighborhoods in the City of Longmont.

1992 - 1993
Member Impact Fee Task Force Appointed by Longmont City Council
Charged with the task of developing an impact fee to deal with expenses related to new growth in the city.

1992 - 1993
Member of Gold Course Site Selection Committee Appointed by the Longmont City Council
Helped select a site, developer, and plan the new golf course.

1993- 1996
Planning Commissioner - Longmont Long Range Planning and Zoning Commission

Member of Envision 20/20 Committee
A planning group made up of citizens to
plan goals and objectives for Longmont's future.

Graduate of the Colorado Leadership Forum

Member of ST. John's Finance and Management Council

1989- 1990
Board of Directors Kiwanis Club of Boulder

Loaned Executive for Boulder County United Way's Annual Fund Drive
 Held and conducted over 100 employee solicitation meetings.

Board of Directors of the Boulder County Unit of the American Red Cross

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Boulder County Dental Aid  

Member of the Board of Directors of the Boulder County Unit of the American Cancer Society

Co-Chairman John Glenn for President Colorado State Committee

Colorado Democratic Part Secretary

Member of City of Boulder's Human Relations Commission

Washington internship US Senator Gary Hart


ACCOMPLISHMENTS  longmont city council
1994 - 1999

Built the Recreation Center

Built Museum

Remodel of Senior Center

Purchase of Sand Stone Ranch/Park and Recreation Area

Purchase of initial Build of the Fiber-optic- backbone

Established 10% Set-A- Side for Affordable Housing-Policy

Sister City International Convention Delegate Boston

Sister City Elected Representative to Guzman Mexico

Board Member Economic Development Council-EDAL

City Representative to Boulder County Transportation Commission

Council Representative to Planning and Zoning Commission

Council Representative to Library Board

Council Representative to the Transportation Advisory Board

Council Representative to the Museum Board

Elected to Board of Directors National League of Cities

Elected to Board of Directors Colorado Municipal League

Elected to Board of Directors Hispanic Local Elected Officials-HELO

Elected to Board of Directors of the Latin American Research and Service Agency-LA RASA

Paid for by Committee to Elect Gallegos