Hi, I'm Ron and I am running for Longmont City Council.


I believe in supporting local business by addressing transportation issues and revitalizing downtown; reducing homelessness and increasing access to affordable housing and building a culture of connectedness, communication and respect in the community. 


For the past 36 years I have been working towards these goals, if elected I plan on pursuing them. Let's work together to move our community forward. 

Elections are always about choice. Is the status quo versus an alternative candidate, idea, or approach. Do I like the way things are going? Do I approve of the decisions made by the incumbent? Is the challenger offering a new and improved set of ideas, approaches, or an alternative view of the world?

Questions are bound to arise regarding the way things are going or not going. Why did the city mortgage building resources to the tune of twenty-seven million dollars for development of the new mall? Why is it essentially a food court-- why does it seem so lack-luster? How do we make downtown more of a destination and why doesn't Longmont have a housing authority that can address the lack of affordable housing?

I believe we live in a city with great potential. The potential for a great environment in which to conduct business, raise a family, and retire in. Potential and its realization involves imagining the possible, having leaders with great vision who will strive and work hard to achieve the imagined possible, and a strategic concrete plan-of- action for achieving our imagined goals and great potential. This calls for compromise, unity and collaboration with a mission to make Longmont a Great City.

I believe we need someone on the city council that understands the needs of the business community and will promote and advocate an environment that encourages and supports the growth of Longmont's businesses, old and new, while also addressing our growing housing crisis. The financial stability of the city depends upon sound fiscal oversight, long-term planning, and a proactive, involved leadership that has the interests of everyone in the community in mind. 

We need leaders who will connect with the community of Longmont, and who will strive for inclusive, constructive communication. The quality of life of all the citizens of Longmont should be the focus and guide for our dialogue with the community. This is the vision we must all agree upon and attempt to achieve.

I ask for your vote and support; together we can make great progress.

Thank you, Ron Gallegos for City Council






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